Plan for a strategic
business friendly
HCM practice

A deep dive diagnostic tool providing a clear direction for
people strategy and HR practice.

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Empower your HR Managers with Comprehensive Human Capital Planning

HR teams require a seamless experience when handling organisation-wide human
capital planning. There is a need for a strategic HCM solution and associated HR tools
using advanced technologies. It can help them adapt to the changing HR needs and
use OKRs to measure employee performance. HR managers can use tech-driven
action plans and recommendations in real-time.

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we deliver innovative solutions
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A platform that ensures standardised workflows through out the company.

It is a hassle-free, cloud-based solution. It is available on a pay as you go model.

It is flexible and allows you to cherry-pick the modules according to their requirements.

You have a more profound analysis of the HR practice module.

An action-focused scorecard coupled with dynamic benchmarking helps pinpoint HCM support through our human capital solutions.

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Exclusive Benefits

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Researched Assessment

Assesses prioritisation and alignment of people plan to business strategy. Evaluates how well HR practices, policies, processes, and structures are working.

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HCM Maturity Assessed

Assess the maturity of people practices and its impact on business outcomes. Rate 165+ people processes at 4 levels to determine the maturity of your people practices.

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Business Aligned

Showcases linkages between people practices, processes, policies and businesses outcomes.

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Aids Business Results

Ability of people processes & practices to achieve intended business results.

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Consolidated Understanding

Consolidate understanding of people practices in the company and how well it is working to support the business plan.

Data-driven actionable insights
for better HR decisions

Transforms the core HR processes and uses data-driven actionable insights for better HR decisions. Using advanced technologies, ice.cube allows HR managers to provide a better experience to employees while ensuring the implementation of HR best practices across the organisation.

It will enable a consolidated understanding of people practices in the company and how well it is working to support the business plan.

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