Actions that will make
your HR practice effective for
your enterprise

Quickly assess the maturity of your people practices
relative to business requirements.

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Refurbish your HR processes
through a transparent
assessment of your HR practices

Businesses must utilise their employee skills to the fullest to ensure growth. They must enhance
employee experience to retain the top talent using best-in-class people practices. The best way
is to undertake periodic tech-driven HR audits to help make suitable changes.

SolveCube presents a unique platform using advanced technologies, p three , that helps
businesses use technology to undertake HR diagnosis and find gaps in their HR framework.

Where We
Score Over
Our Peers

With a wealth of industry knowledge,
we deliver innovative solutions
tailored to your specific needs

It readily undertakes an audit of your HR practice’s and suggests area of improvement to devise an improved work force strategy

The platform covers 20 of the most critical components of HR practice.

It delivers a quick report detailing the strengths of your HR practices and the areas requiring development.

While most similar products are prohibitively priced, P 3 operates on a pay as you go model.

Unveiling Our
Exclusive Benefits

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Assesses Maturity

Assess the maturity of people practices, philosophy, policy, processes & systems.

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Detailed Report

Provides benchmark people practices by sector, growth stage and region.

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Easy to Use

Web-enabled; multi-user facilitated index of 30 maturity statements derived from research and benchmark surveys.

Detailed insights into
all aspects of HR

p.three is ideal for small companies and start-ups to have
their HR practices in order. The transparent platform can provide good insights
into all aspects of HR and how it affects your business performance.

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