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Rank-ordered Matching

Instant ai selection of best candidates for your JD through our exhaustive database

End to End Solution

Instant ai selection of best candidates for your JD through our exhaustive database

Communication System

Instant ai selection of best candidates for your JD through our exhaustive database

Multiple Role-Based Functions

Instant ai selection of best candidates for your JD through our exhaustive database

Hassle-Free Onboarding

Instant ai selection of best candidates for your JD through our exhaustive database

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Case Studies

The Case of Executing with a Ninja Team

An European PE firm in transport & mobility audit sector in the process of acquiring a KPO

  • Pre-acquisition due diligence audit support of KPO being acquired
  • Acquisition decision dependent on audit report
  • No prior experience of business in Indian market
  • 3 months to complete audit
  • Formation of short term Ninja team of C-Suite level domain experts in Ops, Tech and HR
  • Leverage Solvecube AI platform and repository of 500 Mn to source, shortlist and select Ninja team
  • 2 months to complete audit and submit report
  • 1 month time saved
  • Client acquired KPO successfully
Client acquired KPO successfully

The Case of Short Term and Permanent Hiring

A multinational Consulting sector firm in India, with simultaneous large talent requirements across multiple business verticals

  • Multiple vendors to source and deliver recruitment mix of permanent and short term talent
  • Unproductive use of management bandwidth in 3 business verticals to source talent and govern multiple vendors
  • 250 permanent role requirement in Consulting vertical
  • Mix of Short-term and permanent roles in Digital subsidiary
  • Mid and senior level hires in Human Capital Advisory
  • Deployment of dedicated Recruiters-on-Demand for
  • Leverage Solvecube AI platform and repository of 500 Mn to source
  • Solvecube RM service for end-to-end support
  • 60% reduction in talent acquisition cost
  • Internal bandwidth saved on project management and governance
  • 3 months to complete project
2 months Assignment completion

Acquisition deal closed

The Case of Hiring at Scale

A Bank in SEA ramping up for growth in the region

  • Cost, time and resource efficient high volume expansion of workforce in the SEA and South Asia region
  • A scalable solution to expand workforce in new regions
  • Speedily fill existing vacant positions
  • Retainer model with hiring support for internal bank team
  • Leverage Solvecube using 5S recruitment model
    • AI platform and repository of 500 Mn to Source, Screen, Shortlist
    • RM support for Stakeholder engagement and candidate Selection
  • Streamlined hiring process and reduced time-to-fill open positions
  • Saved internal resource bandwidth for hiring and recruitment exercise
  • 72 hours to Source, Screen, Shortlist

The Case of Shortlisting Service

A firm in the banking sector in the UAE in search of a talent search service to support in house recruitment role

  • Access to talent inventory to support well equipped in house recruitment vertical
  • Manage inefficiencies in source and shortlist aspect of recruitment process
  • Leverage Solvecube talent repository of 500 Mn to source
  • AI matching engine to source, screen, and shortlist instantly
  • 500 Mn talent inventory access
  • Instant Skill to role contextually matched global profiles
  • One stop service for permanent and short term roles

The Case of Recruiting Survey Respondents

UAE based Consulting sector setting out to complete an assignment spanning 2 countries

  • Survey to assess and compare attitudes & perceptions of Wealth Management RMs and Product managers in UAE with those in Singapore and Switzerland
  • Governance and management of Surveyors
  • RM support Stakeholder and manage assignment
  • Full access to AI platform to Source, Screen, Shortlist and Select
  • 72 hour turnaround to deliver for the survey:
    • 10 senior Wealth Management RMs from Switzerland and Singapore
    • 10 senior Asset Managers from Switzerland and Singapore
  • Free of Governance and management of respondents

The Case of Hiring in New Markets

A Healthcare firm in USA, expanding to Malaysia

  • Lack of regional experience hence no point of reference
  • Need for Mid and senior level health tech expertise in Malaysia
  • Solvecube platform full service :
    • AI enabled Sourcing, Screening, rank ordered Shortlisting,
    • RM supported Stakeholder engagement and final Selection
  • 2 weeks to select and place key Senior super specialised domain expert

The Case of Mid and Senior Level at Scale & Speed Recruiter-On-Demand (rod)

A Food Tech firm in Singapore, on a journey to scale up business across key countries

  • Source for 100+ talent across functions
  • Ramp up Talent acquisition capability with speed
  • Cost-effective solution than a traditional full search model
  • Deployment of five dedicated Recruiters-on-Demand for 4-6 months
  • Leverage Solvecube AI platform and repository of 500 Mn to source
  • ~50% cost savings compared to a traditional approach
  • 6 months to acquire 100+ talent across functions

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