Sharing the SolveCube Vision for 2024

Published on April 22, 2024
Written by Chandrasekhar Pingali

What SolveCube means…

SolveCube has proved to be a pioneer in platform-based comprehensive people solutions, integrating various HR products and services into one platform. What started as an HR solution is today an end-to-end talent solution and talent service across domains. SolveCube moved from HR-specific tech products like ICE Cube, P.Three, and HR Ready toolkits to become more domain-agnostic and business-focused. This was possible by continuously upgrading the platform to leverage AI, making search more specific basis a robust matchmaking engine, and becoming a platform with millions of active and passive profiles available. We are looking at 2024 with invigored ado with our seasoned team of not mere consultants, but experienced practitioners with deep domain and functional experience.

“We use technology to enable talent discovery backed by a tailor-made people strategy. We work with business leaders of small, big and large enterprises to revolutionize talent sourcing”

– Chandru, Founder and MD, SolveCube.

What we have enabled till now…

SolveCube uses an AI engine to match talent requirements with a vast database of ~450 million+ candidates from all over the globe. The AI engine technology identifies potential candidates based on skills, experience, working style, job-role alignment, and such parameters. Thus, SolveCube has been able to provide organizations not just a curated shortlist of optimally aligned candidates quickly, but also a great talent acquisition experience.

Blurb: “We solve for everything to do with PEOPLE in running a business – revolutionizing advisory, people strategy & talent solutions globally”, quips Chandru.

What has worked for SolveCube is deep knowledge on how to utilize AI technology to make a flexible, on-demand, global talent pool of domain experts available and accessible to employers. Going beyond traditional methods, SolveCube offered a comprehensive suite of products and services for businesses. SolveCube thus paved the way to attract and connect high-quality talent to the clients’ needs on-time and in line with world-class service standards.

Where we go forward from here…

The aim is to aggregate and curate One Million experts-on-demand and One Billion profiles globally for fixed term or permanent roles, cutting across geolocations, domains and industries.

“By providing these ~million work opportunities, we will enable and empower people to work in the way they want to”. This larger than life objective began with the first step i.e. acknowledging that peoples’ relationship with work has changed over time, with diverse workforce and different work models co-flourishing.

The immediate priority is to go from the current talent database of ~½ billion to 1 billion. The conundrum is to ensure the best talent-matchmaking for such volumes. The answer shall emerge with a deeper understanding of the next-gen employer-employee relationship. At the talent end, reasons for on-demand work are to continuously expand the skill set, gain valuable experience across various industries, and pursue a passion for diverse work.  From an industry perspective, the emerging demand for certain niche skills, and the need to bridge the temporary skill gaps has led to the overall growth of the gig economy.  In light of these workforce dynamics, some of the next-gen focus areas are offering matchmaking as a self-service, generating job descriptions, and further streamlining search and shortlisting. The future is about simplification, customization, and effectiveness in talent match-making.

  • Simplification: Knowing what will work for businesses, enhancing the user experience and making it accessible through ‘self-service’. 
  • Customization: Relooking at the end-to-end service and offering specific services on a needs-basis to businesses. 
  • Effectiveness: Better matchmaking through AI-enabled tech and access to data, while maintaining data security, data privacy, and data protection protocols.

SolveCube aspires to solve the main people problems i.e. misalignment of people strategy with business, high costs, inefficient processes, unreliable partners, and fragmentation of the workforce. SolveCube founders and leaders believe that a blended workforce, with the optimum blend of technology-enabled tools and human intelligence, will help build a workforce strategy with a more equitable future for the workforce.

The intent is Total Value Creation i.e. to maximize value, surpassing the capabilities of standalone products or services. 2024 shall see us deepening our expertise more from a technology and business perspective”, shares Chandru.

Some key questions that came up during this visioning journey were…

“How do we make ourselves self-service for our capability?”

“How do we become more partner-driven?”

“How do we leverage the power of our capability for different regions?”

“How do we penetrate different client-segments?”

And many more…

How we will enable the vision 2024?

SolveCube shall rely on its core competencies to realize the above future-forward objectives:

  • Deep AI and tech expertise: Mahboob Hussain, Head, Platform Technology, SolveCube believes that the SolveCube edge lies in continuous experimentation with cutting-edge technologies, not just for the sake of using technology, but as a tool to make a difference in the world of work; and to create social impact. From a tech perspective, some future priorities shall be a new UI-UX which is easy-to-use, intuitive, and self-contained platform. Gen AI also holds scope to enhance the value of the solution with useful add-on features for professionals. The vision is to use tech to stand out as a differentiator from run-of-the-mill job portals, and to democratize gig so that hirers and seekers both find an affordable price and break biases while hiring. 
  • Right people: Led by a team of out-of-the-box thinkers who are creative, quirky, humble, and kind, SolveCube has always tackled challenges that matter with a diverse team of seasoned professionals residing across the world. As Deepak Rajasekar, Partner and Director, shares, “I am able to live my passion, translating ideas into solutions and products”. Such is the shared vision of the team that Uma Jagadeesan, COO, believes that if everyone moves forward together with a shared vision and goal, success will follow us all the way.
  • Business-focus: The core remains to enable clients to enhance productivity, build knowledge, create agility and generate savings in their businesses. SolveCube is not just a matching platform but a complete ecosystem that facilitates interactions between clients and professionals. From initial interviews and discussions to final negotiations and payments, the entire process is streamlined. This ensures that everything is transparent and business-first.  

Final Thoughts…

The guiding light continues to be, ‘to use tech in a way complementary to human intervention’. SolveCube leaders firmly believe that tech can be bought anywhere, but the people who manage and leverage that tech i.e. the human characteristics are key to success. This core principle has been rock-steady for the SolveCube leadership, through various waves of change. It naturally translates into making the end user experience the benefit and not just not ‘building something for the sake of building it’. 

Hence, placing the end-users at the center, creating something which will make work and workforce available at both ends of the talent spectrum, is the core to make people strategy easy for business owners and talent alike.

 “Ours is an ongoing commitment to democratize the concepts behind the on-demand workforce – adoption, usage, and operational aspects, from both client and talent perspective. We work towards the same goal – to make the world a better place, says Chandru.

With SolveCube, organizations can focus on what they do best – growing their business!

About the Author:


Chandrasekhar Pingali

Chandru Pingali, Founder & Manager Director, SolveCube, is a seasoned corporate leader, with a diverse career spanning 30+ years across banking, pharmaceutical, chemical and IT/ITES global centres. He has engaged in different roles across HR and Strategy, setting or scaling captive centres, M&A, etc. With SolveCube, he is aiming to revolutionize People Strategy, Advisory & Talent Solutions globally, by utilizing deep AI technology.